Can’t Nobody tell Me Nothing

Old Town Road by Lil Nas X is a hit whether Billboard charts say so or not... I listened to that song on repeat for almost two hours not even bothered by it. It’s genius really. Trolling a genre like country music has this song doing numbers not only by people of color but by unknowingly curious people of all colors trying to figure out why this isn’t categorized as country! It’s all everyone has been talking about this week! I bet it’ll be platinum by mid April! 

I believe wholeheartedly in taking advantage of viral opportunities as long as you aren’t selling your soul or degrading your people. I believe Lil Nas X has found a hidden lane in country and is taking full advantage of it. Country trap has been born! 

I made this mash up as I printed a couple custom tees and as you can see the track gets you moving and extremely catchy. It’s been stuck in my head since I first heard it lol