US Government

Government Cheese

For the Past month and a half the US Government has been forced to shut down leaving 800,000 employees without work and much needed checks to survive. My Mother being a Govt. employee, I saw first hand the effects of this shutdown and I am just amazed that something like this could happen and how vast of an impact it can cause. Airports shutting down because of lack of air traffic controllers, TSA not being paid, Homeland Security not being paid while on furlough. And all over a wall that Mexicans are gonna dig under, go around, and climb over anyway. This is the land of the free but that Furlough made you realize just how costly freedom is. Also How Important it is to have multiple streams of income.

Now that the furlough is over and people are filing back into their govt jobs, I wonder how many people woke up and realized that a career in the government isn’t really a career and begun to research starting a business? That was my first thought once I figured out what a Furlough was. Because if you’re your own boss can’t nobody tell you, your check not coming, you get what you put into it. Nonetheless I am glad that people are back working and getting back pay because things around here were getting hectic and I know Walmart security was getting scared. People are ruthless when they’re backed into a corner for survival.

I made this promo short after Trump bitch ass got elected and I figured it fit well with the current political climate.

its still Fuck 45.