420 Breakfast at Night Pop Up

This Saturday 4/20 GoonMilk will be hosting a pop up shop on H st at Twelve Lounge with Reggie Promo and the Breakfast at Night crew! Custom Tee shirt workshop as well as some of our Private Stock items for sale. Free Breakfast buffet all night with RSVP, as well as Hookah and Drink Specials all night. What better way to end your 420 night than free food and with the dopest clothing brand in the world!

Pull up with your custom shirt ideas and watch me work in real time creating your ideas into reality with t shirts!

Plus its 420 come enjoy the vibe!


10 Year Challenge

Stumbled on an old Vlog post I made on Facebook 10 years ago in college.

Bape G shocks and SB’s oh what a time to be alive!

Its funny I see these videos and think about how these things are coming back in style and how I was so enamored with following trends back then. Its wild how much money I wasted and where I was getting it from to do so. Times have definitely changed.