How long does Shipping take?

Shipping may take longer than 5-7 days due to our drop shipment manufacturing, meaning orders are printed by hand once your order is placed and then shipped to keep from overstocking and wasted apparel. At the latest allow a 2 week window depending on your order location. Bare with us, this is a very small business. We appreciate each customer as we attempt to accommodate everyone hastily.

how do i make custom apparel orders?

To order a Custom Denim Jacket first purchase the service through the web shop page. After filling out the design scope form and info you will receive an email to further discuss exactly what you want done to your custom jacket.

how do I request graphic design/styling/videography services?

To request any of the above services please fill out the contact form at the bottom of my portfolio page. Pricing will be discussed through email.

do you print for other brands?

Yes, we do print for other brands and offer print and pressing services through my portfolio contact form.

how much to print some tees?

Typically for one color and one placement we can print and press for $12 per tee if you provide the apparel with no minimum order, using Next Level brand tee shirts that I provide I charge $25 per tee depending on the design size.