Our Mission

Since 2013, our mission of expanding the brand into printing and pressing apparel, graphic design, brand consulting, personal styling, blogging, content creation and community outreach has been a success to say the least. While giving back to the DMV community is imperative, and with growing crime rates, and lack of after school programs we are lending a hand with Print and Press fashion programs like G.A.N.G. (Growing A New Generation), volunteering with local kids teaching them about the business of fashion, as well as T-shirt printing workshops giving them much needed hands-on experience. Turning negatives into positives by also providing mentorship to troubled youth in search for careers in Fashion and Streetwear. GoonMilk is From the Streets and For the Streets, meaning we believe in the rose that grew from concrete. We are the anomaly of success from struggle. Getting out of negative situations is our mission and the motto we live by.

G.O.O.N.S. Don’t Die We Multiply!

Humble and Hungry,

Avante “Boooogie” Davis

CEO/Creative Director

The Kipp DC Valor Academy Public Charter School is a predominantly african american school not too far from the Capitol Heights neighborhood I grew up in. So when my good ol friend from Morgan State, 8th Grade Math Teacher, Whitney McArthur asked me to come back this year for her class' Black History Month Presentation, I jumped at the opportunity.