Our Roots


Its my junior year of College, Im driving back and forth 50 miles to school everyday from Upper Marlboro, MD to Morgan State University in a 87 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. Working full time retail hours at Levis as a Stylist. To say the least I was stressed and my pockets was hurting. Plus I was behind in classes because the year before my appendix ruptured and bursted poisoning my body causing emergency surgery after being misdiagnosed from the first hospital I went to just two days before finding out. After surgery the Doctor told me another day I would’ve died and they took so much bile out that they had to take some of my intestine with it, and then I had to be in a hospital bed for 2 months and damn near learn how to walk again. The Doctor told me I would never be the same, it would be a year before I could run again, and that I wouldn’t be able to play contact sports anymore but little did they know I was a Goon all along. Fast Forward 6 months I got my staples out and Im back in the gym playing basketball. Needless to say I proved the doctor wrong and proved to myself I could do anything I put my mind to. After that I felt invincible and gained so much more confidence in myself and my ability. I knew then I could get out of any negative situation. The following summer My cousin Hail Zel coined the name “GoonMilk” seeing me drink a 40oz Old English beer for the first time after my surgery proclaiming “He’s a Goon, and its nurturing him too lol thats that Goon Milk” I took it and ran with it.

Being Broke makes you creative, and trust me I am extremely creative, so creating a brand has always been something I wanted for myself but I hadn’t made the leap into entrepreneurship until I made up my mind that this is what I want. I was sitting in my cousin Chuck’s apartment late 2012 when I decided to start a business. With the help of Chuck, Darren, Joe, Mo, and Jordan, January 1st, 2013 I began the Goonmilk Brand repurposing and selling the clothes out of my closet. Starting as an online consignment shop that I planned to sell some vintage brand name clothes through.

Dope, local DMV artist Nightmare Mikey drew up the bottle logo and gave endless advice in starting a brand along with countless others in our corner. Sold a couple hundred tees, threw a couple charity basketball tournaments, created the acronyms G.O.O.N.S. (Getting Out Of Negative Situations) and G.A.N.G. (Growing A New Generation) both embodying the street grittiness of the brand and our mission of helping those coming after us. GoonMilk, From the Streets, For the Streets.