Social Media

The biggest drug in the world. 


December 1st, 2017 I am beginning a Social Media Detox where I will delete all my social media apps for the month of December. Reason being to recharge my mind to think differently than "scroll, scroll, tap, comment, scroll, scroll". Freeing myself from my phone is something I not only believe I need to do but something we all should try from time to time. Its difficult running a business and just abandoning your social media feeds, but may be beneficial if it jumpstarts me to engage with actual humans more, or read and meditate more frequently instead of being zombified by my phone and social media. Secondly my attention span is so short these days, and I get scatterbrained too easily for my liking so this will be a time of focus and self reflection. A great way to end the year out and to bring in my fifth year as a business owner. If you want to join in on the detox with me leave a comment below or send an email because these will be the only ways to get in touch with me unless you've got my number.

Anyways, Life is Gucci.


See you in 2018 IG, Twitter, Snapchat, Blitter, Tumblr, Facebook...