Mice in the White House?

Mice in the White House?

Where’s Waldorf is live the entire collection dropped midnight last night and already selling pretty well so definitely don’t loaf on this collection, no telling when they’ll sell out. Me personally I love the joggers and the Socks out from the collection. The company I go through for the printing is A1 and the apparel is always true fitting, with a soft hand feel. It is officially sweatsuit SZN! so we had to come correct with the hoodies and crewnecks all at reasonable prices! Plus we always offer free shipping with the “SUPPORT” promo code!

Where’s Waldorf?

Where’s Waldorf?

This fall our first capsule collection “Where’s Waldorf” is inspired by the classic Where’s Waldo books. But a DMV(DC, MD, VA) version playing off the on going DC/MD jokes of inclusion with the city of Waldorf which is 45 minutes outside of Washington, DC.

Bottle Girls Available Now!


The Bottle Girls Swimwear and Activewear Line is officially available to purchase! The swimsuits are in Limited Quantities! Hand picked quality materials made in 4 different styles! Also Available are our Bottle Girls’ Crop Top Hoodies and Tees, for now but much more to come this is only the beginning!

Heres Some of my favorite shots from our Bottle Girls Photoshoot with my guys @ChuckMeez, @OffGarde, GoonMilk GANG originals, and my bro @LifeBehindTheScope coming through as well to get some fire shots off! The Girls were/are so dope they had the vibes and attitudes I wanted for the shoot and what I envisioned for Bottle Girls as a brand, That “Girl Next Door” feeling. Not IG model wannabe’s, but actual naturally beautiful black women that reflect the women you see in our area everyday, not just on a screen scrolling by.

Special Thanks to Spacely Sprockets Customs for letting us use the Regal, Jordan’s father for lending us his tent and providing the water, and ofcourse Jade for being the greatest assistant to the regional manager lol.

GoonMilkTV vol.9 Bottle Girls Swimshoot Edition


With the help of my new business partner, Tiara stepping in and taking over the Women’s devision of GoonMilk. “Bottle Girls” Swim and Activewear launches this month! Full of Attitude and Sex Appeal the Bottle Girls’ line isn’t for the weak and timid. Show off your assets and be confident in everything you do wearing our Apparel and don’t forget to keep it Street!


Full Line Dropping Late August!

Special thanks to @SpacelySprockets for pulling up with the Clean old school Regal, My photographers Chuck+Jade, Jordan, and Scoob! and Most importantly my models Niki, Kita, Paige, Christina, and Sabriya for making the shoot fun and lively in that heat!


ESPN 30 for 30: Hoop Dreams Die Hard


This Summer one of my goals was to prove to myself and anyone else that I can hoop with anybody in the area; pros, college ballers, high school phenoms, whoever, it don’t matter. This area breeds flat out hoopers and freak athletes on the court, its apart of the DMV culture. High school was my peak as far as playing organized ball, but my hoop dreams never really died, I just hated practice and not having a life so I went to college for Fashion. But the love of the game has never ever left. This being our first year sponsoring a team in the P.I.T.S. League was not only a goal I wanted to accomplish for the brand but for myself as well.

Yeah I may be 30 but Im not Old yet…

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