For the past four years I printed, and pressed my own tees for the quick bucks where I controlled the time between customers ordering and when they receive those orders because I was doing everything myself. Cutting out the middle man so to speak, but working longer hours and much more labor for less money in the back end. This year I realized that working harder and working smarter aren't synonymous. So I decided to work smarter and find a manufacturer that gave me better quality and a wider range of apparel. 

Quality sets you apart from everyone else when it comes to streetwear. Gildan tees are the worst in my opinion, and if you don't know what Gildan is you need to do your research before starting your brand. Our GoonMilk tees are a blend of cotton and polyester and Sublimation printed which gives a softer hand feel and more durable through washes. I personally pick each brand that we print on with quality always in mind. Having drop stock manufacturing also ensures that each and every item we create is made to order. Takes a bit longer to get to the customers but a fair trade off for a better product. 

Heres a look at one of our new sublimation LA apparel cotton and polyester blend tee and some custom sublimated Socks.