Still Got My Hoody on for Trayvon

February 5th, 1995

Today would have been Trayvon Martin’s 24th Birthday but instead we are mourning a kid that had his life taken away due to ignorance and fear of the Black Man. Some parts of me wishes the script was flipped and Trayvon killed Zimmerman but what good would that have done? Another black kid labeled a monster, and locked away to rot because we all know our justice system would never let a black boy walk the way they let Zimmerman go, Scott free. It sickens me really, I mean it may be difficult to grasp from any other perspective in society, but it is clear as day for Black Men the laws are different, the proverbial “goal posts” move way to often when the skin is darker. Knowing that the odds are against us there is always a bright side to every story of struggle because it inspires the next man to do better and overcome these trying times as our ancestors did.

I can kind of pinpoint when my heart changed, and I decided to use my brand as a voice against all the negative vibrations of this world and it was around the time of Zimmerman’s acquittal. It not only sparked a nationwide #JusticeForTrayvon movement but ignited a obligation to serve my community not only as a clothing brand but as a voice of opposition toward injustice, oppression, and negativity plaguing black and brown people not only in the US but around the World as well. Giving commentary on social issues within the black community and making my opinion of what is right and wrong subliminally through my clothing and artwork. Slogans like “Fuck 12” and “Motherfuck Gentrification” branded on garments to show how unjust and fed up our generation is with the bullshit of Police brutality and the crooked justice system of America.

I will continue to speak my mind creatively through clothing and vow to always represent my community in a positive light and spread our culture freely for the world to admire. Thank you Trayvon Martin you definitely woke me up and a whole generation of pro black activists since you been gone.

The world needed you lil homie