This years FNAA Collaborator of the Year and Last Years Retailer of the Year, Ronnie Fieg shows no signs of slowing down. The wizard behind Kith has set the bar extremely High with his collaborations this year. Bergdorf Goodman, Coca Cola, Moncler, Nike, Adidas, and of course Asics. I first discovered the name Ronnie Fieg in his many color iterations of classic Asics silhouettes back in the early 2000s. Since then, and especially in the past two to three years I've followed his run to back to back Footwear News Awards. Working with the likes of Lebron James, Scottie Pippen, and Wood Harris, this year has courted attention of every sneaker and streetwear enthusiast in the world. 


I see the Kith brand doing nothing but growing in the future with excellent textile and garment construction with Ronnie's own touch of creative control and attention to detail in every piece he drops. And the drops don't stop, recent releases during Black Friday were sold out in seconds online. Lines wrap around the block of Kith shops to get first dibs and most times the only dibs on the luxury streetwear line. Not to mention Kith Treats are insanely good and for it to be such a simple ice cream, milk shake, and cereal bar it definitely does its job in getting you to come back for more. I can't wait for my next trip to NY to grab some more Kith Treats. Anyways check out the Kith brand and take notes, this guy's got the formula. 



This morning I woke up to Stephen A Smith's meek mill-esque screaming on First Take as I do every morning. This morning with Father's Day approaching he was yelling about Lonzo Ball in the new Footlocker Father's Day commercial. (I bring up Stephen A purposely for a great point he makes later on in the conversation.) But anyway the narrative of the discussion is how Lonzo Ball gives the perception of his father in the commercial jokingly, basically saying his father is an overbearing psychopath but in a sarcastic manner. Which is most of the world's perception of Lavar Ball. But lets really dissect this commercial.Full of NBA Draft prospects, more than likely gonna sign to one of the three big shoe brands (Nike, Adidas, UA). But think about it, Lonzo not signed or about to sign to any shoe company that footlocker carries, he has his own shoe. The ZO2. Is footlocker going to carry Lonzo shoe? I think Lavar is smarter than people give him credit for, the guy is a genius. "Go head make fun of me, but carry my shoe!" are the exact words I think my man probably had for them footlocker execs. Lonzo's a star, its undeniable and his father knows it. footlocker knows it. Hopefully once my Lakers draft him, the world will know it as well. So regardless of the perception, IF, and thats a big if, footlocker ends up carrying the ZO2 shoe, would that not be a major win for the Big Baller Brand. I mean first year national distribution through footlocker would be monumental, in my eyes at least, from a black entrepreneur aspect. Furthermore back to my Stephen A. Smith point, as Lonzo depicts Lavar as this crazed overbearing farther, there is a missing narrative that A LOT of people don't see. Yes Lavar seems crazy to most, but there are millions of kids out here WISHING they had a father, or even father figure's in their life that believe in them as much as Lavar supports his family. He may be outspoken and arrogant but I'd rather that than an absent, or irresponsible one.

Need more black men like him.

Check out the commercial here if you've read all this and have no idea what I'm talking about...