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"Talent hits targets no one can hit, Geniuses hit targets no one can see."

Right now Im transitioning from talented to genius level branding. The world doesn't see GoonMilk for what I see it as just yet and what it will be in the future and how it will impact fashion, other industries, and lives all over the world. G.O.O.N.S. being global will come in due time for the simple fact that every single person on this planet has encountered a negative situation before and looked for ways to get out of it. I want my brand to aide people in getting out of negative situations as many ways as I possibly can. 2018 plans are in place and the brainstorming is at an all time high when it comes to elevating this brand to the next level. As you may have noticed there's been some minor upgrades to the site, new press page, new logos, and more content for more customer interaction. Just a tip of the iceberg compared to what 2018 has in store for GoonMilk supporters. Focusing on branding and reconnecting with my core followers are definitely top of the list for 2018. Being my 5th year behind the brand I want to make sure that customers know what the Brand stands for, how far I've come and where we're headed... 



I read an Instagram caption that read "Its not that people aim to high and miss, sometimes they aim to low and hit" that got me thinking about myself and my goals and what I want out of life. And too many times previously when I've given these things thought it was always something humble like happiness and health, but in all actuality I want it all. I want the World in the palm of my hand to have the options and opportunity that I never had before. Too many times I've asked for the bare minimum and got just that, but from here on I am speaking my wants and needs into fruition and taking shit. My bro Fogue been preaching for the past few months "The World is yours..." and I really believe it.  

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