This collab is groundbreaking in the fashion industry. Very rarely do you see a brand as esteemed as Louis Vuitton collaborate wth a streetwear brand, and one of many reasons is price point. Most streetwear brands' customers would never pay the price point that a larger fashion house like LV charges for their luxury goods, but with Supreme their entire brand is built off hype and over priced reselling. Supreme's loyal customers pay upward of $1000 for tees, which is crazy to me, but works for their brand. And for Louis Vuitton joining forces with possibly the most hyped brand of our generation, making this collab legendary in its own hyped right. Me, personally, I  think the pieces are dope and totally different from what LV does and that makes the pieces even more rare, but I can't fathom blowing money on hyped luxury items, or luxury hype.