High Fashion



Mike Frederiqo


Netherlands Artist/Designer known for his caricature clothing of high fashion designers, designed as their popular labels, and recently shown at his Spoke Art Gallery show in New York. His art is dope and the intertwining of that art with quality goods and apparel is the epitome of the juxtaposition of Art and Fashion; because Art is Fashion, and Fashion is Art. 

You can shop his latest "World Tour" collection at his site here.


As you all should know, this week is NYFW, and unfortunately I am in bed with no way up at the moment. But that does not mean I am missing out. The best invention this generation has revolutionized today is the camera. Phone cameras and live feeds, are literally making the world as small as your smart phone of choice. So as I lay here in my laziness I am actually in class with Virgil Abloh at the Nike Ten Off Campus event via youtube and simultaneously front row watching the Tom Ford and Vfiles S/S '18 shows via Instagram Live. Now I would much rather be in New York getting looks off but this is the broke students crutch. Watching everything I can from true events this week gaining much needed inspiration, insight, and just raw knowledge of the fashion industry. I'm really into the Off Campus events with Nike and Virgil's "the Ten". Watching these discussions has been like watching the OG's discuss their old war stories, dropping gems that kids rarely hear. From failures to upcoming ideas, to why Jordan chose Spike Lee back in 85... Virgil has put together a code breaking culmination of fashion invention alongside the most known brand in the world (Nike) and I am here for it. Check out some of the discussions here and continue to follow via Nike on YouTube. 


This collab is groundbreaking in the fashion industry. Very rarely do you see a brand as esteemed as Louis Vuitton collaborate wth a streetwear brand, and one of many reasons is price point. Most streetwear brands' customers would never pay the price point that a larger fashion house like LV charges for their luxury goods, but with Supreme their entire brand is built off hype and over priced reselling. Supreme's loyal customers pay upward of $1000 for tees, which is crazy to me, but works for their brand. And for Louis Vuitton joining forces with possibly the most hyped brand of our generation, making this collab legendary in its own hyped right. Me, personally, I  think the pieces are dope and totally different from what LV does and that makes the pieces even more rare, but I can't fathom blowing money on hyped luxury items, or luxury hype.