i cANT fEEL mY fACE!

Last Friday I fell asleep behind the wheel driving into my neighborhood and totaled my Uncle’s car crashing into a tree. I fractured my face, had a concussion, nerve damage and numb teeth, and a few minor bumps and bruises but Im still here. As I faded in and out of consciousness I called my mom and passed out still in the wreck and after finding me and tending to my bloody face they rushed me to the hospital. No pun intended but this was A wake up call if I’ve ever needed one! And to add insult to injury I was literally walking distance from my house, but they say thats where most accidents happen. I am truly Blessed and highly favored to still be breathing let alone to come out with just these minor injuries. In fact my doctor couldn’t believe I didn’t have a cut on me after seeing my X rays.


Knowing how blessed I am to still be alive I can’t help but want to make the best out of each and every situation I encounter now. Im trying my best to right my wrongs and get myself right with God as well as my relationships with people. Expelling all negative vibrations and only focusing on the upside of things because it could all be worse. Time is of the essence and I have accomplishments to achieve before my time is up. My legacy is far from over but when it is I want to be at peace and surrounded by love from those near and dear to me.

This is just one more chapter in my story of motivation and perseverance. Speaking of chapters in my life I think this a sign to start writing this Amazing life story of mine. Ive always loved writing and documenting life through my lens, so naturally writing my own books has been a goal of mine for some time now. Not knowing exactly how to jump into becoming an author, I’ve been hesitant to take the leap. Seeing how the story almost ended last week with nothing but these blog posts and my previous blog, and rumors I think the time is now to get the ball(point) pen rolling [pun intended].

This is After they pulled my car out of the Woods in 2011 after falling asleep driving.

This is After they pulled my car out of the Woods in 2011 after falling asleep driving.

This accident though its not my first time in a car accident or even the first time me falling asleep and crashing smh [A story for another day], but the first accident I’ve been seriously injured, so its very eyeopening for me. When I was young maybe 5 or 6 my father fell asleep driving, hit a pole and flew through the windshield. He survived but I remember the months on crutches from a shattered leg and the scars on his face from the windshield. The Irony of it all is crazy I know, and thats part of the reason I believe I need to be a author, I can’t make this stuff up if I tried. My life is A testimony of survival, and Gods work over the years, and these stories have to be told. Giving motivation and insight on life from a young black man’s point of view through trial and tribulation; but relatable to anybody within a trying time. Getting Out Of Negative Situations isn’t just a motto, or logo, its a way of life. Taking the negatives life throws you and making something positive out of it, in spite of your circumstances.

But anyway Im rambling on. I’ll be fine, No more driving tired and damn sure no drinking and driving! I got 6 weeks to chill and eat soft foods, no surgery needed so thats a blessing, and when they gave me an MRI after the accident they found some masses in my lungs that could’ve been cancer, turns out it was nothing, another Blessing cause WebMD had me shooketh.

Keep me in your prayers during this healing process. Im really feeling Unbreakable like Bruce Willis.