Role Model: Salehe Bembury


This Week’s (Yes Im bringing back weekly role models) Role Model is Head Designer of Sneakers for Versace and Versus Versace, Salehe Bembury. You may recognize him from 2chainz Instagram feed as the designer of the widely celebrated Versace x 2chainz “Chain Reaction” shoe. A shoe that has sport feel but also luxury details and state of the art design. Salehe also noted to design footwear for YEEZY’s SZN 3 and 4 and introducing the world to Cole Haan’s Lunar Grand, a shoe I fell in love with Interning in Nordstrom’s Mens shoe Dept. A dress shoe with a runners sole and possibly the most comfortable dress shoes I ever slid on. Furthermore Salehe is a minority in charge of one of the most iconic fashion house’s sneaker division. GOALS as Fuck! He’s creating on a level I dream to be on one day and will be in due time.

2chainz and Salehe

2chainz and Salehe

These sandals are fire!

These sandals are fire!

If I had the dough to blow these would replace my Newbies…

If I had the dough to blow these would replace my Newbies…


Salehe Bembury is a creative by trade. He is most notably making his mark in the world of footwear design. Since 2009, he has applied his Industrial Design degree and interdisciplinary design skills to a diverse array of footwear brands. Salehe got his start at Payless Shoe Source.


"At the time, [Payless] wasn’t something to write home about,” he said. “But looking back, Payless designs every kind of shoe, so from an education standpoint, it was a great place to get my feet wet.”


- W Magazine

Notoriety has become more and more prevalent in my success factors these days, as much as I love knowing ever single person who has a piece from my brand and love the underground feel of it, I also want kids all over to be G.O.O.N.S. just as much as my friends. The struggle of getting it out the mud is you don’t want to share your prized possession that you built up with anyone you deem unworthy, but the smallest coincidences give me hope that someone out there is paying attention. Whether it be an RT from one of my Role Models, or actually holding a convo with someone in a position i see myself in, in the future. I feel myself right on the cusp of it all. I want the world to take notice to what I’ve got cooking up over here at GoonMilk. The Hypebeasts, Highsnobiety’s, the W Mag’s of the world need to take notice and soon. But until then I will continue to create and give the props to those who inspire me to keep going and chasing these goals. One day at a time.

GoonMilkTV vol.7 Pop Ups & Podcasts

Busy 4th of July weekend for Boooog and GoonMilk as he hosts #GryphonSundays Pop Up Shop as well as being a guest on High Codes Podcast speaking on fashion, the brand, and what exactly GoonMilkTV is! Also #BottleGirls Swimwear Coming August 2019!


Unkle Scooty's 2nd Annual Birthday Block Party


Unkle Scooty, one of DC’s pioneers in good vibes leader of the Rock Creek Social Club, premium Co. x Diet Starts Monday partner, Jameson sponsored, OG to us younger DMV party goers throws his 2nd annual Birthday Block Party at Sandlot Southwest and I brought the Gopro through to catch the good vibes! Check the video out and subscribe to GoonMilkTV on Youtube!

GoonMilkTV vol.5 Eli Graduation

The last two years Ive witnessed my brother go thru hell trying to better his life and make something of hisself with little to no help from anyone other than our family. From working monday thru friday to working weekends only just making enough for metro transportation and tuition, plus school monday thru friday. 7 days a week waking up before the sun rises and making it home right before it sets. So when I say Eli deserves every blessing he’s got coming his way with this radiology shit he really does. Ive known E ten plus years, when me and the family moved to a two bedroom apt. in laurel he was one of my first friends along with Roy, Reek, and Money. When our apt was too crowded and me and my mom shared bunk beds throughout my senior year of high school and part of my college years E would let me stay at his crib. When niggas needed a ride no matter how far or how much gas it took, E made sure we got to every function. When E left for Arkansas for school and came back with no place to go it was only right our family took him in cause he had been that same person to look out for me countless times the years before. Blood couldn’t make us any closer, and the loyalty speaks for itself, when you see me you see E most times and we only going up from here! Congrats on crushing your goal bruh many more celebrations to come X Ray E!


He Need Some Milk GoonMilk Ad

As you all may or may not know I am A WALKING BUCKET! on the basketball court and this past week I was in the gym getting my boooogie on while E recorded the games, when a hater undercut me as I hit the game winning shot. Rolled my ankle pretty bad and now may have to sit out of the P.I.T.S. League which starts in 8 days! Pissed me off but instead of sitting around sulking bout it I chose to turn it into an ad.

I can turn any L into a Lesson.

"He Need Some Milk!" GoonMilk Ad by Avante D. Davis for GoonMilk.

Ima bounce back tho, Im back jogging on my ankle already so I should be back on the court in no time.

Furthermore, Im really excited about the P.I.T.S. league. This year is our First year sponsoring a team and the League’s tenth year anniversary! We even have brand New jerseys unlike any year prior in the P.I.T.S.


I think I may even Give away tees every game and set up shop. This Summer will be one for the books! Bankroll voice Im going Hard as ever mane!!