Fall/Winter '17

dAY 2


Saturday December 2nd, 2017.

Day 2 of no social media was not as bad as I thought it would be, having a pop up and not being able to post on social media about it. Instead I sent out texts to endless people and doubled up on Email blasts. Getting back to actually reaching out to people instead of relying on others to see an IG post or Tweet. 

The Pop Up was dope, a lot of creative minds and entrepreneurs trying to get their brands off the ground. I used to get excited for pop ups but now it’s strictly business and trying to be as professional as possible. Engaging with the potential customers and handing out endless business cards and stickers.  

Got some great footage and Jordan came by and got some shots of me in Entrepreneur mode. Made a few sales and networked with a few other brands, so it was definitely a success. Shoutout to the Carryout for having me and my brand. And a huge thank you to those who came out and gave their time or money towards the brand. Support is always appreciated. 

Recap video will drop soon! 



The Fall/Winter '17 GoonMilk Line first drop is here and valuable for purchase exclusively through GoonMilk.co! The long awaited GoonBart designs along with an all new GoonMilk Logo on premium apparel and quality printing. Inspiration behind this line as with most of my work comes from my younger years, and the iconic 90s culture bad boy Bart Simpson! This drop includes tees, long sleeve as well as short, hoodies, Women's boyfriend tees, baby onesies, socks, and phone cases to start off the Fall/Winter season.