Happy New year!

Day 1 of 2019 in the books let’s continue to keep the positive vibrations flowing and chase our purpose in this crazy thing called life. I am truly thankful for 2018 and all the lessons it taught me, the relationships it brought me (good and bad), and all the blessings. My car accident last month really was a blessing and I am so grateful for my health and life. It really put things into perspective for me, this month especially. I’ve began to shift my focus more on my future instead of living in the moment and recklessly at that. Back to setting Goals and accomplishing what I need to in a timely matter to not only reach my goals but crush them entirely. Last week cleaning up I saw a note I wrote of my 2018 Goals and a year later I can honestly say that I killed 2018 and 2019 I’m going even harder!


As I have refocused my energy I’ve also been working on a few new concepts for the upcoming year; first up our SZN 6 GOONS apparel will continue to drop in Capsule Collections throughout the year. Focusing on prison reform, police brutality, and Getting Out Of Negative Situations.


Secondly, Black History Month at Goonmilk is always lit. Discounts and Black empowerment in abundance. Paying Homage to Black excellence at their lowest point because we’ve all been down before but it’s about Getting Out Of those Negative Situations.


Third, to close out the quarter in March I’m taking this “Guns and Butter” scene from BET network favorite “Baby Boy” and giving you a capsule collection based off the economic theory of “Guns and Butter”, if you have no clue what I’m talking about just watch the promo vid below.