Run the Jewels



Trigger Warnings with Killer Mike is a Must watch original series by Netflix. If you haven’t already seen the groundbreaking unapologetically pro-black show then you are sleep. Killer Mike brings a sense of reality to the very real struggles of the african american community. In the first episode Killer Mike attempts to only patron black owned businesses for 3 days before his concert as one half of rap duo “Run The Jewels” in Athens, GA. In this episode you realize how many business african americans don’t have a stake in but use every single day, as well as how much we need to be supporting black businesses as consumers. Triggering to say the least, as a black business owner, I employ you all to check out Trigger Warnings with Killer Mike, they even have an episode where they teach gangbangers to start a business alongside their rival gang in a harmonious Open Market. The show is genius in itself by even shedding light on the plight of african americans and how they play a role in todays society whether people like it or not. Ive already seen every episode and awaiting the next season.