Last Monday I was contacted by my buddies over at TMZ Live to come on the show via Skype and speak on whatever [usually some "nigga" shit] topic was in the News that day. So happens that I was chosen to speak on Chief Keef's beef with that "skittles rainbow looking police informant rapper guy" and getting Shot at in New York City, but Keef not speaking on the incident at all.

In my opinion talking to the police in any way, in a situation like this is not happening because then they're watching your every move and making sure you weren't involved in anything that may have caused the shooting. Unnecessary attention, and once your name in that paperwork as a witness/Informant all that street cred/clout shit is out the window. Chief Keef knows this, yt pipo do not. Chief Keef knows his street cred is what made him who he is in the industry, and thats just not something I believe he's willing to give up for some goofy's missing in a city he not even from. But I digress...

I just wanted to wear the new "Blood on the Concrete" GoonMilk tee on National TV...

You can't pay for that type of promotion...

Heres the clip!


Thursday, January 18th I was asked to join in on discussion topics live on TMZ via Skype. A surreal experience seeing myself on television, though its not the first time, Its still kind of mind-blowing knowing over a Million people caught this glimpse. More to come in 2018, I may even become a regular on the show once a month, God willing. You can see the entire show here.


This Week has been pretty awesome, just three weeks into 2018, and Im already making the news lol. The Fashion show was a huge success, I can't thank you guys enough for making it possible and supporting. I'm Planning bigger and better events and getting ready for the Spring/Summer line. Paris Fashion Week has been inspiring and motivating all in the same breath. This is definitely my last time missing #PFW. But anyways, Kim Jones' last showing at Louis Vuitton with Naomi Campbell & Kat Moss modeling, as well as Hedi Slimane being appointed to Creative, Image, and Artistic Director of Celine are some of the #PFW highlights this week.


Plus 2 New Drake Singles lol