trade show

i hAD tO wORK mY mAGIC

August 14th-16th in Las Vegas Nevada, the Magic Trade show takes place and GoonMilk will be in attendance for the first time! Last year i attended the Agenda trade show in Miami with Enspire Them but had no luck actually attending events without a pass. This year we are registered and will be attending the Sourcing events throughout the entire trade show and taking in the knowledge and expertise from the many vendors and business experts in the industry! 

The Importance of attending trade shows is seeing what the industry that you're doing business in has to offer, from fixtures, upholstery, fabrics, technology, to actual garment samples of upcoming lines from your favorite brands. Magic has been a goal of mine for some years now. I remember my first year in Morgan's Fashion program, and one of our professors took a group of students to Magic, but I didn't have the funds for the trip, so I missed out. But not this year!  

I had to work my Magic!