Yesterday I received my Graduation Letter from the Mastered Online Accelerator Program. I have been studying Fashion Styling for the past ten months, networking, styling photoshoots, and meeting some awesome people through the Mastered network. The program itself is based out of London, and broken up into different disciplines, Fashion Styling, Make up, Hair, Creative Direction, Photography, and a few others. The genius of the program is the Professional Experts that not only are involved and available to reach out and communicate with, but they also grade and critique your work throughout the program. My particular Fashion Stylist program was headed by Alastair McKimm, Fashion Director at I-D Magazine. 


Since my second Freshman semester at Morgan, I knew that I wanted to be a stylist. Yes of course I always wanted a brand and ownership and I've accomplished that with GoonMilk, but the dream job was becoming a Personal Stylist to Celebrity clientele. This program was a stepping stone towards that dream and validation that I can do and be whatever I put my mind to. The stress of uncertainty, tuition, deadlines, traveling, and not to mention the work load was a huge test of whether being a stylist was something I really wanted to do. Ten months later I can say that this is something that I am extremely passionate about. Everything from the excruciating selection process and interviews, to the $6,000 program costs I paid out of pocket, to traveling to NY and LA for photoshoots alone with a duffle full of clothes, to now being a Mastered Alumni in a directory with some of the most creative people Ive ever met in the fashion industry at the tip of of my finger tips... 

So with all that being said,

It was worth every Penny. ...

and Im in the Showcase Highlights!


like Bruce Leroy I got the Glo...