Turns out I am more attached to Social Media than I thought. After careful consideration and studying my demographics, who visits the site, and how. Its more beneficial to the brand for me to be posting on social networks as well as from the blog. driving traffic to the site is essential to building a culture behind the GoonMilk brand. Showing people the ins and outs of running a brand, networking and reaching out to influencers and other brands are apart of growing a successful brand. And with social media introducing creatives to the world almost instantly, completely leaving social media can stipend your cash flow as well as potential clientele. I lasted a good 7 days without social media but once back on my IG, twitter, and snapchat, I found that my presence and the presence of the brand had been missed on my followers timelines. I still haven't posted anything on my personal pages, trying to abstain from excessive social media usage. But after watching some Gary Vee and Nipsey Hussle youtube videos, I had to get back to pushing content and promoting the brand. Heres a gem I found of them meeting for the first time talking culture and kicking game.