Read a quote today that read "A seed grows with no sound, But a tree falls with huge noise. Destruction has noise, But creation is quiet. This is the power of Silence". I resonate with this and how it relates to the vibe I've been feeling lately and how Ive been taking time to actually enjoy being alone and being silent. Making noise in this area doesn't really do anything for me anymore. I just enjoy creating in my own space and doing what I want in peace, letting things bubble quietly until its time to blow. Working on product development and samples for the new year and unloading this new Global design has been my latest task. Thinking Global, expanding the brand outside of just local recognition is important to me. I set a goal for the new year to make it to Paris Fashion Week this upcoming year and that will be my motivation going into 2018. I used to want to plaster GoonMilk Billboards all around the DMV to let mufuckas know I made it but whats really the point?

To be a big fish in a small pond or the freedom of a shark?

Furthermore, I can no longer attempt to lead sheep away from the Slaughter house. I say this in reference to the movie "Silence of the Lambs", figuratively meaning I can no longer help the helpless when it comes to business. Everyone wants to be a designer, and own a brand but nobody knows the difference from a Gildan tee with a logo and actually running a brand. The DMV area is full of experts with no expertise, exactly. Working with people has proven time and time again why I work better alone and on my time. 


Back on my Buffalo Bill...