10 Year Challenge

Stumbled on an old Vlog post I made on Facebook 10 years ago in college.

Bape G shocks and SB’s oh what a time to be alive!

Its funny I see these videos and think about how these things are coming back in style and how I was so enamored with following trends back then. Its wild how much money I wasted and where I was getting it from to do so. Times have definitely changed.

Bad Lil Shawty

DMV artist K’ron drops his latest visual for BLS shot by Cool Kids Films.

Last month Amber hit me up saying she was doing wardrobe for an artists video and wanted a few pieces to style some extras, but ended up getting to style the artist in one of our custom jackets and and a military jacket on the antagonist in the video. Dope concept and the song is fire. Much appreciation to Amber (@AmbersReign) for making the play happen, she’s seen in the video as well (light skin with the green short cut) in the party scene.

Another great look to begin the year off for GoonMilk.