Maryland is a place like none other, Rural Suburbs to treacherous hoods footsteps away from the District. Ive been lucky enough to have lived all over Maryland from Landover to Capitol Heights, Laurel to Upper Marlboro, and now residing in Accokeek, in fact Montgomery county is the only county i’ve never lived in. I even went to college in Baltimore so i’m fluent in Yo-ville language as well dummy. Anyways, moving down here to Accokeek really made me realize how far everything is in relation to DC. And with local comedians like Davy Ruffin making jokes about the distance traveling from the city to Waldorf or “Super Maryland” I felt the need to capitalize on the real estate in the DMV people never really represent. DC got EAT, hands down they took over the city these past two years. But for those out here traveling 30 minutes to the function every weekend they need some gear too and why not make it some fly shit literally lol. My bro Nick gave me the idea and left it up to me to bring it to life and this is the result…

Super Maryland powered by GoonMilk


And for the record I love it out here in Super Maryland.

nothing but peace n quiet lol.