Jumman Jordan



Not many people know about the early days of GoonMilk, Countless hours at Jordan and Jimmy's Apartment mulling over what direction to go in with my brand. Bouncing Ideas off Jordan and Jimmy, smoking out of god awful cigarillos, and drinking brews trying to figure life out. Not knowing what was to come to fruition 5 years later. Looking back I owe it to my Guys to give some of the spotlight Saturday to Jordan and Jimmy. Not because its also their birthday weekend; Jimmy the 13th and Jordan the 14th, but because I couldn't be where I am today without my dogs. And to see them flourishing in their respected crafts, Jimmy DJ'ing and Jordan picking up photography.


It's almost like we built up these brands together, and to be in this moment 5 years later still grinding and doing what we want, when we want, how we want, with god given talents. I gotta express how grateful I am to know these guys and watch them grow and help me grow. Saturday is so much more than just some party. This 5 year Anniversary is a culmination of hard work, and unwavering faith that we would make something out of ourselves. 

So shouts go out to them!  


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