Life Lessons


Yesterday I felt like I reached a new understanding of my journey and my purpose in this world. An epiphany, of clarity and calmness that everything that I've endured in my life was not to break me, but build me. To be able to tell these stories of surviving and Getting Out Of Negative Situations is a blessing. Words cant express how grateful I am... but without telling my story I know people will doubt your grace and mercy lord. Everything I've been through, and witnessed with my own eyes, are nothing short of miracles and proof I am truly blessed and in high favor. Life Lessons, learned through hardheadedness and doing things my own way. Living life fearlessly to the point I have come face to face with deathnot once or twice but multiple times, and saved by nothing but my lord and savior.

Yesterday I shared a few situations through social media I barely made it out of but there's so many more that not many know about that I will be sharing through my blog and book in the near future. 

"Getting Out Of Negative Situations"  



If 2017 has taught me anything, its that Peace is Possible with a little Patience and Perseverance.

Prince George's county or the whole DMV area for that matter is relatively small when it comes to relationships and the degree of just how small the world is in a dating aspect. Peace is hard to come by. Many times you find yourself in a web of exes and "who used to fuck with who's". But in 2017 I found out just how lucky I am in finding my peace. not to say we don't have some type of previous weaving of unworthy suiters we have come across but at this point I don't even care. The past is the past for a reason and I am so grateful to be with who I am with now in comparison to those Ive been with before. 

For Instance I've been in a relationship where I was always accused of the same things that she ended up getting caught up doing...



Ive been with a woman who could not communicate properly...



And Ive also been with a woman who couldn't understand why I wouldn't chase her or play the silly games women like to play to get attention from you...


Now I won't name drop or even acknowledge them in this post out of respect but I just can't help but feel Grateful to not have to deal with any of those dilemmas anymore with me and mine. I used to think I was crazy having to force myself to understand someone else's craziness in order to give love or even receive it back. We all have our flaws and I am the furthest from perfection but I now live within my truths and even laugh about the many mistakes I've made in relationships beforehand, knowing now that it never had to be like that in the first place. 

Shoutout to the artist Justin Richburg.