I've been on a shooting spree the last couple days and this time I had back up! @MilansSavage is a beast behind that camera lens! She killed our shoot with Ced Tuesday at this old broken down warehouse we found off Georgia Ave. Tim styled and I recorded the masterpiece Im editing at this very moment.

Enjoy the flicks and shoutsout to @MilansSavage for this Fire! 


Saturday I had the opportunity to flex my photography skills with the help of Tim and Ced. After the experience of seeing Agenda and all these brands with either the same level of work or worse on display there, I've been on Overdrive mode trying to further myself from the mediocre. We stumbled on an abandoned school with a graffiti filled pool. Unfortunately it was getting dark so we couldn't shoot in there for long and decided to hit Shaw Skatepark. Got to shoot some new gear that drops on the site in a few hours.

Heres a few gems to scroll thru... (Click on the far right pic)


This past week I took a trip to Vegas with my lil bro and protege Tim to check out the Magic, Agenda, Capsule, and Liberty Fairs Trade shows. Unfortunately the camera was out of commission not too long after we actually landed so my footage is literally the first two hours we landed in Vegas. Still managed to shoot some type of footage.

Heres what I scrapped together...