Role Model: Salehe Bembury


This Week’s (Yes Im bringing back weekly role models) Role Model is Head Designer of Sneakers for Versace and Versus Versace, Salehe Bembury. You may recognize him from 2chainz Instagram feed as the designer of the widely celebrated Versace x 2chainz “Chain Reaction” shoe. A shoe that has sport feel but also luxury details and state of the art design. Salehe also noted to design footwear for YEEZY’s SZN 3 and 4 and introducing the world to Cole Haan’s Lunar Grand, a shoe I fell in love with Interning in Nordstrom’s Mens shoe Dept. A dress shoe with a runners sole and possibly the most comfortable dress shoes I ever slid on. Furthermore Salehe is a minority in charge of one of the most iconic fashion house’s sneaker division. GOALS as Fuck! He’s creating on a level I dream to be on one day and will be in due time.

2chainz and Salehe

2chainz and Salehe

These sandals are fire!

These sandals are fire!

If I had the dough to blow these would replace my Newbies…

If I had the dough to blow these would replace my Newbies…


Salehe Bembury is a creative by trade. He is most notably making his mark in the world of footwear design. Since 2009, he has applied his Industrial Design degree and interdisciplinary design skills to a diverse array of footwear brands. Salehe got his start at Payless Shoe Source.


"At the time, [Payless] wasn’t something to write home about,” he said. “But looking back, Payless designs every kind of shoe, so from an education standpoint, it was a great place to get my feet wet.”


- W Magazine

Notoriety has become more and more prevalent in my success factors these days, as much as I love knowing ever single person who has a piece from my brand and love the underground feel of it, I also want kids all over to be G.O.O.N.S. just as much as my friends. The struggle of getting it out the mud is you don’t want to share your prized possession that you built up with anyone you deem unworthy, but the smallest coincidences give me hope that someone out there is paying attention. Whether it be an RT from one of my Role Models, or actually holding a convo with someone in a position i see myself in, in the future. I feel myself right on the cusp of it all. I want the world to take notice to what I’ve got cooking up over here at GoonMilk. The Hypebeasts, Highsnobiety’s, the W Mag’s of the world need to take notice and soon. But until then I will continue to create and give the props to those who inspire me to keep going and chasing these goals. One day at a time.


Last night my bro E hit me and said I should make some artwork using the Versace logo and a ski mask, first reaction was "Crooks and Castles been did that" but I was bored and the creative urge kicked in so I accepted his challenge but then I freaked it. Using a piece of Ron English's Grinning Spongebob Artwork and some Cartoon Eyes and some Illustrator magic I give you... (Drum Roll Please)



Heres the initial three elements I used to fuse things together... Let me know what you think and how I did in the comments below. Still figuring out what to do with it, but I did make a few sample tees for myself already.