Sorry for the lack of content lately, Ive been working smarter and faster and adversely my quiet time aka blog time has been cut short in exchange for extra sleep. Anyways last week I received a very humbling custom order for TV personality Dante Brown aka Dante the Poet aka Roger Jr. from Fox's Lethal Weapon. Now I'm not an avid TV watcher in the least bit, in fact I don't even have a tv in my room any more, so I hadn't heard of him or the show for the matter until i did my googles. So anyways, Tuesday I received a call from his awesome mom with an idea to make her son a surprise custom denim jacket out of his child hood drawings and interest for his 18th birthday Friday, giving me three days to complete and ship to her for the surprise. Only dilemma being they reside in California, and me being in Maryland the shipping window would be crazy thin but I worked my magic and got it done and shipped out in time. Check it out below and don't forget to check out Lethal Weapon on Fox, maybe you'll catch a glimpse of it or something, i don't know lol. Im just grateful for the opportunity and hungry for more work.