GoonMilkTV vol.9 Bottle Girls Swimshoot Edition


With the help of my new business partner, Tiara stepping in and taking over the Women’s devision of GoonMilk. “Bottle Girls” Swim and Activewear launches this month! Full of Attitude and Sex Appeal the Bottle Girls’ line isn’t for the weak and timid. Show off your assets and be confident in everything you do wearing our Apparel and don’t forget to keep it Street!


Full Line Dropping Late August!

Special thanks to @SpacelySprockets for pulling up with the Clean old school Regal, My photographers Chuck+Jade, Jordan, and Scoob! and Most importantly my models Niki, Kita, Paige, Christina, and Sabriya for making the shoot fun and lively in that heat!


Cyntoia Brown has been released from Prison!


Cyntoia Brown who served 15 years of a Life Sentence was free’d from prison today! If you remember last year’s G.O.O.N.S. campaign she was a focal point of Getting Out Of Negative Situations. Beating a faulty system who failed her 15 years ago, now that she’s been free’d she has already landed a book deal and i’m sure that is just the beginning of great things to come from this young woman. A lot of people were torn between is she a victim or a cold blooded killer because she killed her rapists and stole credit cards to escape her harsh reality of prostitution and human trafficking. Anyone who’s been through what she’s been through deserves a fair shot at a decent life regardless of the wicked things done in adolescence.

I would want a second chance at life. So congrats to her, Im forever a fan of the Underdog coming out on top.

High Codes Podcast

Few weeks ago I was invited onto the High Codes Podcast to speak on the brand, my influences, and everything GoonMilk. Speaking on everything from how I came up with the name to my latest drop, Bottle Girls Swimwear, and much more. I really love Podcasts and speaking about my passions, but hearing my voice and the most annoying “Uhh’s” and “Its Like…” in-between each word keeps me from doing these interviews on the regular. I love giving the listeners insight on the struggles of entrepreneurship but always encourage people to start a business of their own and experience the ups and downs for theirselves. I tend to ramble on though…


Anyway take a listen, Shoutout cuzzo Mook and Chuck for the invite!

heres the podcast Below:

GoonMilkTV vol.8 Bobby Hundreds Book Signing

GoonMilkTV vol.8 Bobby Hundreds NYC Book Signing “This is Not a T Shirt”


Last week, or week before last, I took a trip up to New York with E to attend Bobby Hundreds Book signing. It was dope we spent the day plastering Goonmilk Scavenger Hunt posters up and eating good until it was time to hit the book signing that ended up being standing room only and some people didn’t even get in, stuck in the rain. Eventually we were stuck in as well waiting for our Megabus. Nonetheless the mission was accomplished I got my hard copy signed and gave Bobby a GoonMilk bottle tee for inspiring my streetwear aspirations throughout the years. Thank you again for the wise words and community that is the Hundreds.

GoonMilkTV visits NYC to attend the Bobby Hundreds of the Hundreds Brand Book Signing Of his best selling autobiography “This is Not a T shirt”. Bobby Continuously drops gems from his book and life experience as he continues to grow a community around his and partner Ben’s The Hundreds Brand.

Role Model: Eric Emanuel


This Week’s Role Model is designer Eric Emanuel most notably known for his “Best Shorts in the World” and recent collaboration with Reebok & Allen Iverson’s Answer 5 that released this past weekend at ComplexCon Chicago.


Eric’s collab at the first ever Chicago Complexcon was one of my favorites if not the best collaboration of the two day event. Yes of course there was Chicago’s own JoeFreshGood’s and The Hundreds collab but this A.I. Collab was iconic, and not only because of Iverson’s appearance at Complexcon but how Eric has tapped into a fond memory of my childhood and a lot of our childhoods and adolescent years reintroducing a shoe silhouette in reebok’s Answer 5 that was peak “I wanna be like Iverson” era that took the world by storm late 90’s early 2000’s! For the record the shoe was never a good looking shoe to me, but nonetheless they were copped and it was cornrows and arm sleeves everywhere, with a commercial featuring JadaKiss that is still fire to this day if you can remember it. “It’s Jada and AI, go get the A5’s!”


Furthermore Eric and Reebok transformed a Complexcon booth into a carnival games shootout where you could win a pair of the coveted new EE Answer 5 in a Complexcon exclusive pink colorway and a custom EE Iverson diamond chain seen above. Eric’s attention to detail and hoop culture influences in his clothing gives a nostalgic yet new and fresh feeling to me.


Yes they’re just shorts at the end of the day but the colorways and marketing is genius. Something about Eric’s apparel brings back feelings of team shorts us hoopers would steal after summer league games or practice uni’s we kept after the season but fashionable.


Summer Essentials whether you hittin the club or courtside. Even playing with high fashion logos, Eric Emanuel has taken a simple summer staple and gone global by understanding exclusivity and the fickle trend market that is streetwear. Partnering with brands that understand his niche market and by creating a nostalgic feeling with his brand and not just an overload of branded product for the masses. When you see the EE on the shorts you know that person is hip to some shit. at least that’s my first thought. You can shop his many limited runs of apparel at his site!