Spring/Summer '18

This Season's line is fueled by Bad choices that felt Good at the time. 


Our Vices make us who we are. We all have one, or a few that some people may frown upon or indulge in as well. #Vices is a window into my bad habits and those of my peers, and if you know me and my Gang, we got stories for days. Each piece tells a story, and if you're lucky enough I might share a few stories along with your purchases. Extremely wild stories, everything from passing out drunk and getting DUI's to chasing chicks, to blowing through pounds of marijuana, being just a few and much more to come I'm sure. I figured, maybe sharing my stories and walking in my truths can help the next person conquer whatever substances are or were controlling them. I know for me Alcohol has ruined a lot of great things in my life and am proud to say I can live without it now and no longer look for my answers at the bottom of a Liquor bottle. Maybe some of my wild stories could deter the next generation from following behind my bad choices and change this crazy world for the better.

But anyways, here's a preview of The first drop happening today at Noon, Friday February 9th including Tees, Socks, and Artwork for purchase.