As you may have noticed some changes and upgrades to the site, I am currently finishing up on my Summer drop and cleaning up the site and wanted to give the customers free range to some of the older G.O.O.N.S. gear at SALE prices before I unleash this summers Wave.


Washed and Vices lines have ran their course as they were limited edition lines. If you missed out and still want to cop, I have some sample pieces for sale. Just shoot me an Email.

Check out the all new "Whats GoonMilk?" page that shares the back story of the beginning and early years running GoonMilk and how I came up with the phrase GoonMilk.

But wait theres more...


In addition to all new GOONS summer arrivals i have also been working on a new private label that I will slowly unveil as the Summer comes along. Using the new "faux-sache" logo I made and playing around with different Names like "Avant-God", or simply just my name spelled phonetically "Uhvawntay". If you have any Suggestions feel free to send them my way. I call it a private line because it will not be for sale. If I want you to have it i will gift it to you at my discretion but will never be available for purchase.

Think of it as my private art collection.




Spring/Summer '18

This Season's line is fueled by Bad choices that felt Good at the time. 


Our Vices make us who we are. We all have one, or a few that some people may frown upon or indulge in as well. #Vices is a window into my bad habits and those of my peers, and if you know me and my Gang, we got stories for days. Each piece tells a story, and if you're lucky enough I might share a few stories along with your purchases. Extremely wild stories, everything from passing out drunk and getting DUI's to chasing chicks, to blowing through pounds of marijuana, being just a few and much more to come I'm sure. I figured, maybe sharing my stories and walking in my truths can help the next person conquer whatever substances are or were controlling them. I know for me Alcohol has ruined a lot of great things in my life and am proud to say I can live without it now and no longer look for my answers at the bottom of a Liquor bottle. Maybe some of my wild stories could deter the next generation from following behind my bad choices and change this crazy world for the better.

But anyways, here's a preview of The first drop happening today at Noon, Friday February 9th including Tees, Socks, and Artwork for purchase.