Mice in the White House?

Where’s Waldorf is live the entire collection dropped midnight last night and already selling pretty well so definitely don’t loaf on this collection, no telling when they’ll sell out. Me personally I love the joggers and the Socks out from the collection. The company I go through for the printing is A1 and the apparel is always true fitting, with a soft hand feel. It is officially sweatsuit SZN! so we had to come correct with the hoodies and crewnecks all at reasonable prices! Plus we always offer free shipping with the “SUPPORT” promo code!


But foreal though… did ya’ll hear about a mouse falling from the ceiling onto a reporter in the white house?!??! Thats not only disgusting but embarrassing as a nation. Trump is wicked and a despicable piece of shit and I knew he was dirty but this is beyooooond me.


Anyways Business is Boomin, I’ve got the GoonMilk logo tatted so its blood in, blood out and i’m All in S/O @CrisMontana for the ink!. Life is good, I can’t complain at all, I’m creating everyday! My family is doing well, Im healthy, haven’t had any alcohol since the accident last November! I’ve been eating well and working out more, T keeps me happy. Im truly blessed and grateful for the life i’m living, but enough about me, head to the shop and check out everything we have in store!


Its gonna be a Great end of the Year!