Where’s Waldorf?


This fall our first capsule collection “Where’s Waldorf” is inspired by the classic Where’s Waldo books. But a DMV(DC, MD, VA) version playing off the on going DC/MD jokes of inclusion with the city of Waldorf which is 45 minutes outside of Washington, DC.
I’ve lived in every corner of the DMV from Landover to capitol Heights to Laurel to Upper Marlboro to Accokeek with small stints anywhere in between. Also goin to college in Baltimore at Morgan State I feel like I really have a grasp on the cultural nuances of our area. One being the strange and far world of Waldorf.


Given the initial idea by my bro Eli I wanted to keep things authentic and as close to the original Waldo but of course made him my own. Along with editing a DC Where’s Waldo scene to include our own and a few other details. See if you can spot him. Also along with this capsule collection I will be giving away free march but you have to find it in undisclosed locations. Clues will be given but they won’t be easy.


Where Im from, our culture is rooted in DC. though Ive only lived within the DC city limits maybe a year or two my whole life, if you’re from here you know theres a difference between DC, Maryland, Va, PG county, Mo County, Baltimore, and Waldorf. All totally different in countless ways, from the lingo, to the clothing, to the way you look at someone from outside of said area…

This being my attempt at bringing attention to those nuances and using where’s waldorf as the vehicle of communication. At the end of the day we’re all the same just with different teeny tiny details. More “Wheres Waldorf” artwork coming soon and the Collection Drops next Friday Oct. 4th only at Goonmilk.co