18 years ago BET aired 106&Park for the first time with the greatest hosts (AJ and Free) the network has had since Tigger’s Rap city in the Basement! 106 was literally the black version of MTV’s TRL(Total Request Live) hosted by Carson Daily. People call in and vote for the top ten videos of the day and AJ and Free invited the most famous celebs at the time to come on and perform their latest hits. It was the reason most kids ran home from school. Music Videos were our Social media entertainment back then. There was no Instagram or Twitter where you can see celebs all day long, you had to imagine how they lived their lives and music videos were the vessel of imagination. It’s what you mimicked, it’s where you found a new style, it’s how you learned the new lingo... Needless to say being on 106&Park was every kid I knew dream and it just so happened a few years ago I actually finessed my way onto 106&Park thanks to the OG Tabi Bonney and my Girl at the moment, Monae who Tabi asked to be in his video ft. fat trel “Time Of Her Life”. Monae had been modeling for endless people and this was just one of those random plugged in moments. I took her to the shoot and sat a while just to be a fly on the wall and learn the whole video production process that had really peaked my interest. Not long before sitting around that I was asked to help out and ultimately getting .015 seconds of the limelight in a party scene with the home Kelow lol. Before the video premiered Tabi called me and Mo over to see the rough draft and my clip I was so hype man seeing myself on tv.

Mama I made It!

I still have it saved on my DVR 😂. 

so shoutout to Tabi, Trel, Monae, Six and the film crew! THANK YOU!