Augmented Reality



About two years ago, I created the GoonMilk QR scan code to generate more traffic toward the site. It uses your smart phone camera to instantly link you to At first I tried to push Tees and apparel with the QR code on it but never really caught any traction. I guess it flew over people’s heads that you could buy a tee from off your tee. But recently I cooked up the idea to post the QR scan code all round the DMV along with posters teasing the upcoming GOONS drop.

Incorporating technology within the shopping experience has been one of my greatest ideas as of late because shopping in stores has become a hassle now that you can basically do any and everything from your smart phone. In a day and age where robots are projected to take over the postal service, you never want to be behind the curve of technology and innovation when it comes to your business. To me, QR codes are just a step in the right direction; using them for special events, promo sales, or even scavenger hunts in the near future will be my next step. And with Augmented Reality making major waves in the technology industry, soon enough you want even have to go to a store to try clothes on. Just Scan a QR mirror and the mirror transforms into your personal dressing room, how dope would that be?

Anyways thats my genius idea of the day. Check out a few of the posters that have been spread throughout the DMV and how to use the QR codes below.