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Paying Homage to Master P and No Limit the choice of "Make'em Say Ugh" as the soundtrack for the Fashion show was a no brainer. This song gets everyone hype and for those who remember the video you got extra hype because of the high energy visuals of what looks like a celebrity basketball game, but it was hood! Baggy uniforms, a gold tank, this video was a classic from "The Box" era. I wanted to portray that same energy with my clothing. Nostalgic aesthetics with custom throwback jerseys, Army fatigues, and baggy silhouettes styled just like the 90's.

Master P was influential in the black community building No Limit records throughout the 90's and early 2000's from the ground up. Staying TRU to his culture, making groundbreaking moves in the entertainment industry, and even playing a few games in the NBA. A true hood renaissance man and someone I look up to when it comes to owning and running my own businesses. I think its important to always make that connection from the past influencers to the current and future ones, so they know when and where our culture comes from and where its headed. Growing up in the 90's, videos were as much of a daily occurrence and influence as twitter today. "The Box", TRL, BET Jams, shit even 106&Park had everyone's attention at some point of their lives for the style, news, and entertainment. I enjoy taking those influences from back then and incorporating them into current designs and marketing. Kind of a reminder of how much things have changed and a way to influence change while paying homage.

Heres a mash up clip of the fashion show and the classic Master P "Make'em Say Ugh" video.


I see myself as a hiphop/pop culture graduate  and my school of higher learning was KanyeUniversecity.com. If you know than you know. Back before Instagram WCW posts there was Kanye's Beauty of the week, Before there was a Louis Vuitton and Supreme Collab I learned what a collab even was reading about the Stephen Sprouse and Louis Vuitton collaboration on KanyeU. This site birthed a generation of Hypebeasts and Influencers that are now rolling the retail stratosphere. People like Virgil Abloh, Don C, Ibn Jasper, were all featured on KanyeUnivercity.com ten plus years ago. So in an homage to KanyeUniversecity.com and some of my favorite Artists then and now I designed a new Jean Jacket for the Fall featuring Banksy Graffiti pieces, Takashi Murakami Graduation Bear, KAWS x Spongebob Squarepants Art pieces, Off White Quotation marks, the famous Trouble Andrew "Life is Gucci" piece, and a LV x GoonMilk Support mash up design. More to come as I delve deeper into my old blog www.boooogie.blogspot.com, which had all kinds of fire from 04-2012. Each design meaning a little something different than the next but all inspired by the Culture and KanyeUniversecity.com. The jacket itself defines the word "FLY" and what that means to me. Subtle yet outrageous, trendsetting, pushing the envelope while using classic aesthetics. The juxtaposition of fitting in and standing out, thats what "FLY" is to me.