GoonMilkTV vol.8 Bobby Hundreds Book Signing

GoonMilkTV vol.8 Bobby Hundreds NYC Book Signing “This is Not a T Shirt”


Last week, or week before last, I took a trip up to New York with E to attend Bobby Hundreds Book signing. It was dope we spent the day plastering Goonmilk Scavenger Hunt posters up and eating good until it was time to hit the book signing that ended up being standing room only and some people didn’t even get in, stuck in the rain. Eventually we were stuck in as well waiting for our Megabus. Nonetheless the mission was accomplished I got my hard copy signed and gave Bobby a GoonMilk bottle tee for inspiring my streetwear aspirations throughout the years. Thank you again for the wise words and community that is the Hundreds.

GoonMilkTV visits NYC to attend the Bobby Hundreds of the Hundreds Brand Book Signing Of his best selling autobiography “This is Not a T shirt”. Bobby Continuously drops gems from his book and life experience as he continues to grow a community around his and partner Ben’s The Hundreds Brand.

Tribute to the Great

It really took me a while to even wrap my mind around doing a tribute video for Nip, still can’t believe he’s gone. But since his untimely death Ive been working tirelessly chasing my goals and really grinding 25/8 because I feel like thats what Nip would want niggas to do.

“Live yo life and grow, push the V12 to the pipe and smoke”

My guy went out like I never seen before… Sold out the Staple center in 20 minutes, 25 mile funeral precession, Mended gang relations almost immediately all over the world. Raised 200 million and gave 41,000 jobs to people of his community. you are the benchmark for stand up guys. I pray I can leave a legacy as large as yours big homie!



R. I. P. Mac Miller

It was eerie logging on twitter and reading Mac passed because coincidentally “Come Back to Earth” had just shuffled on my iTunes and I instantly hit up Jordan cause I know that’s one of his favorite artist. From the post death testimonies of countless people, you can tell you and your music impacted the world in such a positive way. Swimming has been on repeat and it’s sad people aren’t appreciating it until your gone. Mental health is something I’ve become more and more invested in. From personal experiences I know this world can get quite heavy on people. Reach out to your friends even the strong ones. Rest Easy Malcolm. 


If 2017 has taught me anything, its that Peace is Possible with a little Patience and Perseverance.

Prince George's county or the whole DMV area for that matter is relatively small when it comes to relationships and the degree of just how small the world is in a dating aspect. Peace is hard to come by. Many times you find yourself in a web of exes and "who used to fuck with who's". But in 2017 I found out just how lucky I am in finding my peace. not to say we don't have some type of previous weaving of unworthy suiters we have come across but at this point I don't even care. The past is the past for a reason and I am so grateful to be with who I am with now in comparison to those Ive been with before. 

For Instance I've been in a relationship where I was always accused of the same things that she ended up getting caught up doing...



Ive been with a woman who could not communicate properly...



And Ive also been with a woman who couldn't understand why I wouldn't chase her or play the silly games women like to play to get attention from you...


Now I won't name drop or even acknowledge them in this post out of respect but I just can't help but feel Grateful to not have to deal with any of those dilemmas anymore with me and mine. I used to think I was crazy having to force myself to understand someone else's craziness in order to give love or even receive it back. We all have our flaws and I am the furthest from perfection but I now live within my truths and even laugh about the many mistakes I've made in relationships beforehand, knowing now that it never had to be like that in the first place. 

Shoutout to the artist Justin Richburg.