Exclusivity has become a scarcity. So I’m creating a line that you can’t buy. Flipping the script on some Jedi Mind Trick type shit. Nothings sacred anymore; streetwear’s no longer underground. Everyone’s hip and now the “Custom” boom is upon us. I’ve never seen so many custom shoe painters in my life until now. What used to be the “in crowd” is just the crowd now, everyone’s creating but following the same formula. I’m not one to chase trends or follow suit. so from now on G.O.O.N.S. get the money, Boooog run the Streets, and Avante's focused on the Art. Whether it be Clothing, Styling, Food, or a mere Thought... it can’t be bought. 

Lowkey I just miss having the feeling of knowing you had the only pair around. That being the sole reason most people i know get fly; to stand out from everyone else around. So until I get that feeling back I’ll be in the lab creating but Sorry, it’s Not For Sale.

P.S. That’s the name of the line “Not For Sale” and thats the logo but This will not be a GoonMilk line. A new GoonMilk line is dropping Soon! Stay tuned G.O.O.N.S. 



Kelow LaTesha just dropped her visual for the banger "Yeah". I've literally watched her grow into a dope artist, always 100% authentically her; from the style, to the locs, to the nails. Recently working with Champion at Complexcon and performing on the Vice Bus during Art Basel, this new visual is right on time to end the year with a bang. The visual is crazy and depicts the vibe of the track nicely as Kelow gives us a snap shot of a day in the life. I fuck with it and will be on the lookout for more work from lil sis, Kelow LaTesha in 2018.


Check out the video below.