Nipsey Hussle

Tribute to the Great

It really took me a while to even wrap my mind around doing a tribute video for Nip, still can’t believe he’s gone. But since his untimely death Ive been working tirelessly chasing my goals and really grinding 25/8 because I feel like thats what Nip would want niggas to do.

“Live yo life and grow, push the V12 to the pipe and smoke”

My guy went out like I never seen before… Sold out the Staple center in 20 minutes, 25 mile funeral precession, Mended gang relations almost immediately all over the world. Raised 200 million and gave 41,000 jobs to people of his community. you are the benchmark for stand up guys. I pray I can leave a legacy as large as yours big homie!

I lost my Role Model

photo by Jordan Barnes

photo by Jordan Barnes

They can’t keep taking all the heroes... the marathon continues rest easy big homie @nipseyhussle you were the biggest influence in My life when it came to business, respect, ownership, health and wealth, as well as just being a stand up man for your family and friends. The music was a byproduct of how real and genuine you were. You inspired a lot of change in this generation and for those to come. Glad I got to see you and visit the shop before they hated. I’m sickened by this but can’t help but use this as motivation to never give up chasing my dreams and helping my people. #RIPNipsey Still cant believe this shit.

When You came to DC I was there, when I flew to Cali I visited the same exact spot you were shot at. I remember the feeling when I pulled up eating leftover Roscoe’s. The feeling of “Man I could do this shit!” You gave a black man 50,000 miles away hope, a blueprint, a way of life different from what I saw every other day. Seeing you incorporate technology into Streetwear was genius to me so much that I even created a QR code logo for my brand. When you said Cryptocurrency was the next big thing Indownloaded every bitcoin app I could find. Seeing you create STEM programs for underprivileged kids influenced my work with kids teaching them how to print and press. On days I felt I couldn’t make it thru I played “I don’t Stress” on repeat and conquered every obstacle in my way.


When I felt like “fuck these bitches they ain’t worth my time” I would see pics of you and Lauren and instantly redirect my energy to wanting that life and a partner like you had. Every verse you spit was timeless and even though you was talkin gang shit it resonated cause it was real shit wrapped all around it. They robbed you of the Album of the Year cause Grammy nominated isn’t good enough for how great the Victory Lap really was. This is hard. I can’t see myself connect with as many artists as I connected with you. You were a legend way before Victory Lap and to have grown into a man in the prime of your rap career was no cooincedence you shaped my life something crazy with your music and videos and influence. Rest in Power Ermias Davidson Asghedom.

photo by Jordan Barnes

photo by Jordan Barnes



Turns out I am more attached to Social Media than I thought. After careful consideration and studying my demographics, who visits the site, and how. Its more beneficial to the brand for me to be posting on social networks as well as from the blog. driving traffic to the site is essential to building a culture behind the GoonMilk brand. Showing people the ins and outs of running a brand, networking and reaching out to influencers and other brands are apart of growing a successful brand. And with social media introducing creatives to the world almost instantly, completely leaving social media can stipend your cash flow as well as potential clientele. I lasted a good 7 days without social media but once back on my IG, twitter, and snapchat, I found that my presence and the presence of the brand had been missed on my followers timelines. I still haven't posted anything on my personal pages, trying to abstain from excessive social media usage. But after watching some Gary Vee and Nipsey Hussle youtube videos, I had to get back to pushing content and promoting the brand. Heres a gem I found of them meeting for the first time talking culture and kicking game.



Nip Hussle The Great

The homie Nipsey Hussle has been in the news as of lately for recently signing a $5 Million dollar Partnership deal with Atlantic Records, forthcoming Album Victory Lap dropping early 2018, as well as his public announcement of splitting with Actress and long time Girlfriend/BabyMother Lauryn London. But more importantly, Nip has recently invested in a cryptocurrency App called Follow Coin, an amsterdam Based Tech company that, in a nutshell, guides you thru cryptocurrency tradeing with industry experts whom you can follow and even mirror stock trading all at the convenience of a free App. While the app is still in development stages it is available now in your App Store.

Cryptocurrency is the future of Finance and economic freedom. You may be familiar with the first ever cryptocurrency, Bitcoin which was first developed in 2006 and went public in 2010. Bitcoin being the first of its kind many people were skeptical of its market capabilities but in recent news the bitcoin which could be bought at $1 in 2010 Are now seeing daily increases above $11,800.00 per coin and climbing. Now they’re are over 2000 plus Altcoins and more developed every day. Cryptocurrency exchange is a very lucrative business and with apps like Follow Coin, the ease of learning how to trade is becoming not only in reach but in the palm of your hand literally. This is something our community and culture need to create economic change and feeedom by teaching people to make your money work for you, instead of slaving after a dollar.


I've gained a whole new level of respect for Nipsey Hussle and his brother after watching this documentary on how they started their Marathon Clothing Store in their own neighborhood. Giving an inside look at the ups and downs of owning your own business and becoming an entrepreneur. Jumping thru hoops, ducking and dodging the feds, grinding to get your goals, its all a hustle that you have to be built for. You either run it up or get ran over but the marathon continues...