Last month I flew out to Long Beach for Complex Con, as you all know if you have been following me. Just now getting my mind wrapped around everything that happened while in the Great State of California. First and foremost shoutout to the homies Zeke, Wayne, Modi, Geordan, and Dionna for showing me around town and hipping me to a lot of different Vibes. First night there I missed the Lakers Game cause my Rental was late. Ended up checking out Modi's Word Of Mouth bi-weekly DJ set at "A simple Bar" in West Hollywood. Dope party full of colorful people and well made drinks, Zeke met me there and we traded shot for shot. I was turnt, first time in a long time since I pretty much stopped drinking, I don't remember much but crashing on Zeke's couch. The Next Morning hurt, could barely move and ended up hitting Complex Con hours late but missed the line to get in so a win for me, I hate lines. Once inside it felt like I just climbed through my phone screen into Hypebeast Magazine or Complex for that matter. Celebrities and Fans in one big convention of Hip Hop, Fashion, Art, and Culture. I met endless people who gave me positive vibes and feedback on the brand, made some connects and possible clients for the future. Day 2 was even better because I already knew what to expect and I could get straight to business. Wayne came and kicked it with me and got us some passes to Rich the Kid's after party which was dope and open bar.


After Complex Con ended I spent the next few days seeing what LA had to offer, from Roscoe's, to Rodeo Drive shopping, to hooping down Venice Beach. I even went to LA Fitness to see if there was a difference from ours here in Largo and theirs, but no difference their courts are actually worse. I woke up early and watched the sun rise on Venice Beach one day and hiked to the top of Runyon Canyon the next. All on my own, and it was really a maturing experience being across the country by myself even if it was only a few days. It gave me a certain confidence in myself to do so more often, and reassuring that I am okay on my own if I have to be. I try to learn from every experience good or bad. Only bad I can think of on the entire trip was flying home extremely too high from smoking the last of my tree and playing Russian roulette with a bag of medicated Sour Patch Kids mixed in to sneak pass Airport security. I was fucking stoned man I think I slept the entire three flights. A great trip though and I can't wait for next year. I could even see myself making a move to the west coast. Definitely would expand the Brand. But anyway I'm rambling on. Here's the Recap Video... Enjoy.