Anytime I introduce myself and what I do, the first question is always "So where did GoonMilk come from?" or "How did I come up with such an interesting name?" Me being such an introvert, and not realizing that people actually want to hear my story, I usually mumble something short like drinking 40s with my friends and family and one day my cousin called it GoonMilk, and I ran with it. Which is 100% true and exactly how the name came about. Credit to my cousin Zel for that. But in all actuality this brand is so much more that 40 ounces and Ski masks. 

GOONS worldwide.png

G.O.O.N.S. Getting Out Of Negative Situations is something I live by, and use as a mantra to stay positive in times of adversity. Being a Goon, putting that mask on that we all sometimes have to wear to be tough when we feel at our weakest. A mean mug when we can't smile. Starting my brand helped me face so many demons that I can say I am truly blessed and highly favored to be a better person now because of them. Scared to be a failure, GoonMilk was a business plan when school fell through. From being hospitalized by a bursted appendix with 13 staples down my stomach my Junior year of college causing me to fail and lose financial aid. To paying out of pocket and commuting 50 miles each way to class my senior year, only to miss graduation by a few credits. To drunk driving and crashing my car into the woods. To my mom battling and  beating Breast and Ovarian Cancer. To dealing with alcoholism, and how its deteriorated relationships between me and friends. Just a tip of the iceberg I lived through and still deal with currently. I have seen dark times but with my brand I can turn those experiences into precautionary tales of inspiration and motivation to the next person, that maybe they can get out of whatever situation they may be going through. My brand may come off a certain "thug"-ish way and seen as a negative to some who haven't lived my reality, but to me the things I create are not only dope but a bit of a reminder of where I come from. Like Wale said "Thank God we don't do what we used to do no more!". Well thank God I don't drink 40's no more... Thank god I don't have to rob n steal no more. My adolescence was a wild one, but without it I could never be the man I am today. Continue to Pray for me because I'm not preying on you. Only things I'm taking are negatives and turning them into positives while sharing my story. Thank you for taking the time to hear a part of it.

Here's an old vlog of me getting out of the hospital... Enjoy.