I think the show cops was like baby steps into our psyche, allowing us to sit back and watch the police beat and brutalize and murder us the way they do today. From laughing at the dumbest criminals to fearing the dumbest police. next collection will bring this juxtaposition to light. In a way flipping the script, using #GOONS as the COPS logo because in reality they are the Negative Situation we are trying to get out of most times. While the show “Cops” made people numb to these situations, I want to point the focus back to where it began for most of us, on the TV screen or in movies. Here’s a few glimpses of my latest think piece and Goonmilk collection...


When was your first experience seeing Police Brutality?

When was your first experience seeing Police Brutality?

 I remember seeing “Cornbread, Earl, and Me” for the first time and thinking “man this is some heavy shit!” Now police shoot somebody in real life and you kind of just shrug it off... My point is I want to continue to bring awareness to the ongoing issues of people of color being mistreated by the Police in this country. Breaking down the psychological effects of police brutality in the media. In an attempt to reverse that numbness by revisiting some of the most notorious police brutality occurrences in History and Hollywood. 

“Flip The Script”

Salute to the New York Times for a powerful think piece by Meek Mill who has had a tremendous up hill battle with our nations judicial system. The statistics show that colored people in our country are treated worse all across the board and I want to be a catalyst for change in my community. Spreading Awareness and sharing this knowledge can help someone Get Out Of Negative Situations!