Narrative Changers


Last Week Me and a few friends started the Narrative Changers Book Club and Investment Group. Focusing on improving our own lives while impacting others and holding ourselves as well as each other accountable. Our first introductory meeting, Wednesday was full of positive vibes and conversation on how to better ourselves as well as those around us. Agreeing on our common goals and discussing what literature we will be tackling first. At first I was hesitant because this isn’t something I would normally get into because there arent many people I can connect with on an intellectual level, and two there just aren’t many book clubs for people my age range. Even more reason for us to start one. So much appreciation to Chris for bringing me in on this great Idea and I can’t wait to see how this thing grows.

If interested The Book Club will meet every Wednesday at 7pm.

Our first read will be short self help book called “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale