Trigger Warnings with Killer Mike is a Must watch original series by Netflix. If you haven’t already seen the groundbreaking unapologetically pro-black show then you are sleep. Killer Mike brings a sense of reality to the very real struggles of the african american community. In the first episode Killer Mike attempts to only patron black owned businesses for 3 days before his concert as one half of rap duo “Run The Jewels” in Athens, GA. In this episode you realize how many business african americans don’t have a stake in but use every single day, as well as how much we need to be supporting black businesses as consumers. Triggering to say the least, as a black business owner, I employ you all to check out Trigger Warnings with Killer Mike, they even have an episode where they teach gangbangers to start a business alongside their rival gang in a harmonious Open Market. The show is genius in itself by even shedding light on the plight of african americans and how they play a role in todays society whether people like it or not. Ive already seen every episode and awaiting the next season.

Narrative Changers


Last Week Me and a few friends started the Narrative Changers Book Club and Investment Group. Focusing on improving our own lives while impacting others and holding ourselves as well as each other accountable. Our first introductory meeting, Wednesday was full of positive vibes and conversation on how to better ourselves as well as those around us. Agreeing on our common goals and discussing what literature we will be tackling first. At first I was hesitant because this isn’t something I would normally get into because there arent many people I can connect with on an intellectual level, and two there just aren’t many book clubs for people my age range. Even more reason for us to start one. So much appreciation to Chris for bringing me in on this great Idea and I can’t wait to see how this thing grows.

If interested The Book Club will meet every Wednesday at 7pm.

Our first read will be short self help book called “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale



September 1st came faster than I thought. August was a busy month and a blur. From moving into the new house, to my 30th Birthday, to the Back To School Drive, I’ve had zero time to sit down and connect with you, my Blog readers. Lets catch up...


Business is... Business, still an underground king riding dirty. No consigns, no investors, no celebrity clout. Just direct-to-consumer sales from the site and a pop up every now and again. Slow grinding til I can finesse more overhead capital to fund more projects and ideas. I’m styling more shoots and connecting with more and more people that love my style. Only thing i hate is how everyone is dictating what’s what by the likes and followers people have. Shit isn’t even high quality but if you have the following you can regurgitate that bullshit and get rich off it while real artists starve. Clout worse than crack in 2018. 


Mentally, I’ve never felt more in tune creatively and with the things I want for myself. I’m literally manifesting my dreams with positive affirmations and abiding by the law of attraction and the spiritual laws of circulation. You give positive vibrations and those vibrations return to you. Do good the more good comes to you. Also I’ve adversly gotten rid of all negative vibrations; things, or people that give me a feeling of uncertainty. I find that choosing and affirming the good in your life is much healthier for your mental than enduring things that you do not know are good or bad for you... consciously choose good feelings all the time. life’s to short for “on the fence” feelings. Well for me atleast. 


Socially, I’ve accepted my role in certain relationships/friendships as a Support role. We all want to be that lead role but I’ve learned to not force anything with anyone. And one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn in life is that some people do not value you or your time the same as you do theirs. Sometimes the goalposts move as people grow. Sometimes you’re in a persons life to prepare them for their next lesson or to repeat the last. That’s with friends, lovers, and even family. So instead of me feeling at a lost in learning this lesson the hard way. I changed my perspective and see things as knowledge gained instead. Learning what I want and don’t want for myself and my future. Seeing what signs should have been red flags before, that I no longer overlook. Being more accountable for my shortcomings, communicating better, being mindful of my actions and the reactions they cause. I’m growing and failing forward. 

I’m proud of my gotdamn self and other than selling my Old School for drastically lower than what it was worth, Life is Good. 

Ain’t no complaints.

dAY 2


Saturday December 2nd, 2017.

Day 2 of no social media was not as bad as I thought it would be, having a pop up and not being able to post on social media about it. Instead I sent out texts to endless people and doubled up on Email blasts. Getting back to actually reaching out to people instead of relying on others to see an IG post or Tweet. 

The Pop Up was dope, a lot of creative minds and entrepreneurs trying to get their brands off the ground. I used to get excited for pop ups but now it’s strictly business and trying to be as professional as possible. Engaging with the potential customers and handing out endless business cards and stickers.  

Got some great footage and Jordan came by and got some shots of me in Entrepreneur mode. Made a few sales and networked with a few other brands, so it was definitely a success. Shoutout to the Carryout for having me and my brand. And a huge thank you to those who came out and gave their time or money towards the brand. Support is always appreciated. 

Recap video will drop soon! 


I've gained a whole new level of respect for Nipsey Hussle and his brother after watching this documentary on how they started their Marathon Clothing Store in their own neighborhood. Giving an inside look at the ups and downs of owning your own business and becoming an entrepreneur. Jumping thru hoops, ducking and dodging the feds, grinding to get your goals, its all a hustle that you have to be built for. You either run it up or get ran over but the marathon continues...