Bottle Girls


Last month me and my partner “T” decided to embark on a women’s line powered by GoonMilk called Bottle Girls. Starting with Swimwear and building off the momentum of the summer heat and trends in women’s fashion. After all, in the 6 years that GoonMilk has been erected, it was time to expand and begin to include our female customers who’ve supported a mostly menswear brand since the beginning. Next month we will begin to release looks and creative content foreshadowing a special release event incorporating the community as well as women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. But for now enjoy this short promo shot by me and starring “T” in Bottle Girls.

DC is a party City! Those who’ve partied here also know we are known for our beautiful black and minority women. Theres not a club in the DMV area without beautiful bottle girls serving drinks, pouring champagne, and creating the vibe for party goers. Playing off the GoonMilk 40oz Bottle image, it was only right this line be called something as engrained in our culture as Bottle Girls just as 40oz Beer Bottles are synonymous with the street. But now you won’t have to hit the club to find your favorite bottle girl cause were bringing those vibes to the street! Stay tuned for more Merch as well as release dates.