ESPN 30 for 30: Hoop Dreams Die Hard


This Summer one of my goals was to prove to myself and anyone else that I can hoop with anybody in the area; pros, college ballers, high school phenoms, whoever, it don’t matter. This area breeds flat out hoopers and freak athletes on the court, its apart of the DMV culture. High school was my peak as far as playing organized ball, but my hoop dreams never really died, I just hated practice and not having a life so I went to college for Fashion. But the love of the game has never ever left. This being our first year sponsoring a team in the P.I.T.S. League was not only a goal I wanted to accomplish for the brand but for myself as well.

Yeah I may be 30 but Im not Old yet…

By @SixthWomanMedia

He Need Some Milk GoonMilk Ad

As you all may or may not know I am A WALKING BUCKET! on the basketball court and this past week I was in the gym getting my boooogie on while E recorded the games, when a hater undercut me as I hit the game winning shot. Rolled my ankle pretty bad and now may have to sit out of the P.I.T.S. League which starts in 8 days! Pissed me off but instead of sitting around sulking bout it I chose to turn it into an ad.

I can turn any L into a Lesson.

"He Need Some Milk!" GoonMilk Ad by Avante D. Davis for GoonMilk.

Ima bounce back tho, Im back jogging on my ankle already so I should be back on the court in no time.

Furthermore, Im really excited about the P.I.T.S. league. This year is our First year sponsoring a team and the League’s tenth year anniversary! We even have brand New jerseys unlike any year prior in the P.I.T.S.


I think I may even Give away tees every game and set up shop. This Summer will be one for the books! Bankroll voice Im going Hard as ever mane!!


This morning I woke up to Stephen A Smith's meek mill-esque screaming on First Take as I do every morning. This morning with Father's Day approaching he was yelling about Lonzo Ball in the new Footlocker Father's Day commercial. (I bring up Stephen A purposely for a great point he makes later on in the conversation.) But anyway the narrative of the discussion is how Lonzo Ball gives the perception of his father in the commercial jokingly, basically saying his father is an overbearing psychopath but in a sarcastic manner. Which is most of the world's perception of Lavar Ball. But lets really dissect this commercial.Full of NBA Draft prospects, more than likely gonna sign to one of the three big shoe brands (Nike, Adidas, UA). But think about it, Lonzo not signed or about to sign to any shoe company that footlocker carries, he has his own shoe. The ZO2. Is footlocker going to carry Lonzo shoe? I think Lavar is smarter than people give him credit for, the guy is a genius. "Go head make fun of me, but carry my shoe!" are the exact words I think my man probably had for them footlocker execs. Lonzo's a star, its undeniable and his father knows it. footlocker knows it. Hopefully once my Lakers draft him, the world will know it as well. So regardless of the perception, IF, and thats a big if, footlocker ends up carrying the ZO2 shoe, would that not be a major win for the Big Baller Brand. I mean first year national distribution through footlocker would be monumental, in my eyes at least, from a black entrepreneur aspect. Furthermore back to my Stephen A. Smith point, as Lonzo depicts Lavar as this crazed overbearing farther, there is a missing narrative that A LOT of people don't see. Yes Lavar seems crazy to most, but there are millions of kids out here WISHING they had a father, or even father figure's in their life that believe in them as much as Lavar supports his family. He may be outspoken and arrogant but I'd rather that than an absent, or irresponsible one.

Need more black men like him.

Check out the commercial here if you've read all this and have no idea what I'm talking about...


Congrats to the Golden State Warriors winning the NBA Finals against Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This year in Basketball has been one for the record books and won't be forgotten by anyone anytime soon! Shoutout to the local talent Kevin Durant winning his first Championship ring and bringing the Finals MVP title back to PG county, Maryland.