Tribute to the Great

It really took me a while to even wrap my mind around doing a tribute video for Nip, still can’t believe he’s gone. But since his untimely death Ive been working tirelessly chasing my goals and really grinding 25/8 because I feel like thats what Nip would want niggas to do.

“Live yo life and grow, push the V12 to the pipe and smoke”

My guy went out like I never seen before… Sold out the Staple center in 20 minutes, 25 mile funeral precession, Mended gang relations almost immediately all over the world. Raised 200 million and gave 41,000 jobs to people of his community. you are the benchmark for stand up guys. I pray I can leave a legacy as large as yours big homie!



When designing I like to repurpose garments and bring life to something people would usually disregard. You’d be surprised how many pairs of vintage US Army Issue fatigues i come across thrifting. Seeing those and being the rebel I am, I figured why not customize a few pair. The Juxtaposition of using Camoflauge and Applying large logos to stand out is a trick I picked up failing out of art classes in college. Crazy right, because I love art but being in Baltimore by 8am coming from Upper Marlboro daily was a task so I took attendance L’s every semester 🤷🏽‍♂️. Anyway; taking something like camofluage, normally used to hide, and printing undeniably huge logos over it to pop out at first glance. The urge to stare is almost undeniable.  The Camo blends but the logos jump at you!


I guess I did learn a thing or two at Morgan...

I digress, go cop these right now in the GoonMilk SHOP!  

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Last Monday I was contacted by my buddies over at TMZ Live to come on the show via Skype and speak on whatever [usually some "nigga" shit] topic was in the News that day. So happens that I was chosen to speak on Chief Keef's beef with that "skittles rainbow looking police informant rapper guy" and getting Shot at in New York City, but Keef not speaking on the incident at all.

In my opinion talking to the police in any way, in a situation like this is not happening because then they're watching your every move and making sure you weren't involved in anything that may have caused the shooting. Unnecessary attention, and once your name in that paperwork as a witness/Informant all that street cred/clout shit is out the window. Chief Keef knows this, yt pipo do not. Chief Keef knows his street cred is what made him who he is in the industry, and thats just not something I believe he's willing to give up for some goofy's missing in a city he not even from. But I digress...

I just wanted to wear the new "Blood on the Concrete" GoonMilk tee on National TV...

You can't pay for that type of promotion...

Heres the clip!



Exclusivity has become a scarcity. So I’m creating a line that you can’t buy. Flipping the script on some Jedi Mind Trick type shit. Nothings sacred anymore; streetwear’s no longer underground. Everyone’s hip and now the “Custom” boom is upon us. I’ve never seen so many custom shoe painters in my life until now. What used to be the “in crowd” is just the crowd now, everyone’s creating but following the same formula. I’m not one to chase trends or follow suit. so from now on G.O.O.N.S. get the money, Boooog run the Streets, and Avante's focused on the Art. Whether it be Clothing, Styling, Food, or a mere Thought... it can’t be bought. 

Lowkey I just miss having the feeling of knowing you had the only pair around. That being the sole reason most people i know get fly; to stand out from everyone else around. So until I get that feeling back I’ll be in the lab creating but Sorry, it’s Not For Sale.

P.S. That’s the name of the line “Not For Sale” and thats the logo but This will not be a GoonMilk line. A new GoonMilk line is dropping Soon! Stay tuned G.O.O.N.S. 



Not many people know about the early days of GoonMilk, Countless hours at Jordan and Jimmy's Apartment mulling over what direction to go in with my brand. Bouncing Ideas off Jordan and Jimmy, smoking out of god awful cigarillos, and drinking brews trying to figure life out. Not knowing what was to come to fruition 5 years later. Looking back I owe it to my Guys to give some of the spotlight Saturday to Jordan and Jimmy. Not because its also their birthday weekend; Jimmy the 13th and Jordan the 14th, but because I couldn't be where I am today without my dogs. And to see them flourishing in their respected crafts, Jimmy DJ'ing and Jordan picking up photography.


It's almost like we built up these brands together, and to be in this moment 5 years later still grinding and doing what we want, when we want, how we want, with god given talents. I gotta express how grateful I am to know these guys and watch them grow and help me grow. Saturday is so much more than just some party. This 5 year Anniversary is a culmination of hard work, and unwavering faith that we would make something out of ourselves. 

So shouts go out to them!  


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